Mandi Bierly
August 27, 2014 AT 09:26 PM EDT

When Kurt Sutter told EW how many club members will die in Sons of Anarchy‘s final season, which premieres Sept. 9, the number may have seemed low. But a new trailer debuted today on proves that there will definitely be plenty of other targets. “Lot of people gettin’ killed, mama,” Nero tells Gemma. Watch it below to see the bullets fly, as well as to get a first look at the new sheriff in town—Annabeth Gish’s Althea Jarry.

The takeaways:

• Nero punches Jax. This would be more shocking if paparazzi shots hadn’t already spoiled it.

• Unser, who’s shown bound and gagged at one point and next to Jarry at another, may end up being the only Charming lawman to ever make it to retirement. (“Charming is a bad place. Isn’t it, Wayne?”)

• Who is that man who strikes Gemma? And who is going to make him pay? (She killed Tara, but you still care.)

• The ice cream shop clubhouse gets blown up too?

• Abel wants to know if his daddy does bad things. Sometimes good men have to? Let the debate begin.

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