Netflix gives sneak peek of 'Marco Polo,' announces premiere date |

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Netflix gives a sneak peek of 'Marco Polo,' announces premiere date

Marco Polo

(Phil Bray/Netflix)

Who knew Marco Polo looked so fetching on a horse?

Netflix has announced a Dec. 12 premiere date for the 10-episode original series Marco Polo, a historical saga which focuses on Polo’s sojourn into 13th-century China, then ruled by Kublai Khan.

According to a press release, the drama will be rife with warfare, manipulation, and sexual intrigue, as well as a global cast featuring Italian newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy as the titular character, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu as Polo’s love interest, Joan Chen as Empress Chabi, and Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan.

Netflix also released five sneak-peek photos in anticipation for the show’s premiere. If the last photo is any indication, there might be some real Outlander-esque shenanigans in this joint—Italian explorer-style.