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August 29, 2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

When we last left Diplo, it was just as his Billboard Fall Music Preview cover was released (after a week of relentless sets and kandi debates). Since then, he’s been, well, everywhere.

First, he produced the title track for Chris Brown’s upcoming sixth album. “X,” out earlier this week, shows a heavy Diplo-bass-drop-hand, and it’s a pretty awesome departure for Brown. (Note: It is only with much hesitation that I ever put “Chris Brown” and “awesome” in the same sentence.)

Also, this is just the beginning of what is about to be an onslaught of Diplo collaborations and projects, he’s also been working with Madonna, Skrillex (new Jack U alert), Ty Dolla $ign, Lorde, and Usher. Assuming they’re all as good as the song below, you’ll want to find your way to a dancefloor this fall.

[soundcloud url="" params="visual=true&show_artwork=true&maxwidth=500&maxheight=750" width="100%" height="400" iframe="true" /]

This week also saw the announcement of a new title in his cache: TV Producer. His Major Lazer cartoon, about a “Rasta superhero,” will debut on Fox in 2015—its launch coinciding with the release of the third Major Lazer album. Each episode will come with a soundtrack and feature collaborations with RiFF RAFF and Cat Power. Diplo threw up some artwork on his Instagram, and fans (judging by the hundreds of comments) went nuts.

Current mood

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Major Lazer increasingly feels like the center of gravity for Diplo. He spoke at length in an interview with The Fader this week about his love of dancehall and reggae—how he’s been exposed to it since he was very young, growing up in South Florida, the time he spent in Jamaica as an adult producing his own music and the inspiration he found in Bob Marley and Lee Perry. (Referencing those gentlemen, he says, “It was like the most fascinating music to me, so crazy sounding production-wise and the music was melancholy and really beautiful.”) By the end of the interview, it becomes apparent that Major Lazer is, in many ways, his most natural project and the most appropriate musical extension of himself.

On the live music front:

The Mad Decent Block Party rolled through Denver.

🙏🙏 @Maddecent block party denver 🙏🙏

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The next day, Diplo had a donut on his way out of town.

Donuts in denver 🍩🐷

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… And then found himself and a bunch of random people in Nashville.

Lol #werandom

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Nashville #mdbp2014

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And then headed back west. First for Major Lazer Night Swim at XS Las Vegas,

Another crazy @Majorlazer night swim @xslasvegas

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and then to work the Emmy Party circuit where he hung out with the original Don.

Original dons

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Then he flew a plane, somewhere.

✈️ice man✈️

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