Ariana Bacle
August 31, 2014 AT 05:54 PM EDT

Oliver and Felicity gave Arrow fans a tease last season when Oliver confessed he loved Felicity — and then later revealed it was all part of a ploy to trick Slade. But in the third season, which begins on the CW Oct. 8, the two will try out romance for real, no tricks involved.

“It’s not a fake-out,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW“Felicity and Oliver actually have a pretty raw discussion about what they mean to each other, which we’re really excited about, and it’s an extension of what happened at the end of last year.” So that almost-kiss you see in the latest promo for the new season? It’s bona fide. 

When Oliver isn’t making out with Felicity in the trailer, he’s donning his Green Arrow get-up and scolding screw-ups: “You have failed this city,” he growls at an unseen offender, who could be the show’s new big bad, Ra’s al Ghul.

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