Jeff Labrecque
September 02, 2014 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Jon Cryer is a two-time Emmy winner who now pulls down $620,000 per episode after 12 seasons on TV’s Two and a Half Men. But to another generation, he’s Duckie, the BFF Molly Ringwald should’ve ended up with at the end of Pretty in Pink.

Fair or unfair, those two characters, combined, make it reasonably easy to believe Cryer as a middle-aged man who’s yet to meet his soulmate. In Hit by Lightning, he plays a sad-sack restaurant employee who falls head over heels in love with a beauty (Stephanie Szostak) he meets via an online dating service. They quickly hit it off: “I’ve never seen a man weep and climax at the same time,” she says. She is most definitely the one for him—or a callous harpy who just wants him to kill her husband. 

Hit by Lightning opens in theaters and VOD on Oct. 31.

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