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The Toronto Film Festival accidentally oversold its Bill Murray day

St Vincent

(Atsushi Nishijima)

Thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival, Sept. 5 will no longer just be known as, well, Sept. 5. Instead, the festival has declared something of a Bill Murray holiday, during which it will premiere Murray’s new film, St. Vincent, following free screenings of Stripes, Groundhog Day, and Ghostbusters. Only, there’s one tiny problem: The festival oversold the world premiere of St. Vincent.

Due to what the festival has called a “computer error,” it oversold both the premiere of St. Vincent and the world premiere of The Drop starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini.

“Unfortunately, a computer error occurred while processing some ticket orders for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival,” VP of Communications and Content Manager for TIFF Jennifer Bell said in a statement. “Our system failed to take two screenings off sale once we had reached capacity at the Princess of Wales theatre. As a result, these screenings were oversold.

“To remedy the situation, we are working with the affected package holders to exchange their tickets for another screening of the same film, to choose a different film, or to offer a refund. TIFF sincerely apologizes for this error and for the inconvenience and disappointment it has caused our audiences. This is a one-off unanticipated glitch that we hope will in no way alter an otherwise terrific experience at Festival 2014.”

The Toronto International Film Festival begins Sept. 4.