Comedy Central
Jonathon Dornbush
September 04, 2014 AT 02:12 PM EDT

As Stephen Colbert spends his final few months on The Colbert Report, the talk show host remains unsure of what he’ll do next—though the real Stephen Colbert’s plans are already set. Luckily for him, Kevin Spacey appeared as House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood on his show last night to offer some seemingly friendly advice.

Complete with his southern drawl and unintelligible metaphors about animals, Underwood promised to take Colbert under his wing if the talk-show host ever pursues a career in Washington. All Underwood asked was that Colbert meet him at the edge of a train platform—which should give any fan of House of Cards a moment of pause for Colbert’s safety.

Underwood also mentioned that, while he doesn’t watch The Colbert Report, he will binge-watch the entire show when it ends. Considering the show is nearing the 1,400-episode mark, that likely won’t leave much time for the new President of the United States’ perpetual scheming.

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