Feedback: September 19/26, 2014 |


Feedback: September 19/26, 2014

Your reactions to our ''Walking Dead'' coverage, appreciation for the under-appreciated ''Edge of Tomorrow'', and more

Season’s Eatings
I am so excited about the return of The Walking Dead, and your extensive coverage was just what I needed to keep me hanging on. I’ve watched TWD from the beginning — without the benefit of the comics — and have enjoyed every episode. With all the beautiful people on TV, this is one series where I look forward to seeing just how grungy these characters can get!
Sandi Pravecek

After reading about how the Walking Dead actors wanted their characters to go out, I asked myself, ”Where’s Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl?” There is no mention of him at all — by anybody! Is that perhaps the biggest spoiler of them all?
Kim Shaw
Bayonne, N.J.

Editor at large Dalton Ross responds… Hmmm, was Carl not mentioned because something horrible happens to him in the first five minutes of the season premiere and we didn’t want to ruin it… or was he just too busy eating pudding to talk to EW? That’s our secret — for now.

Big-Screen Marvels
In the movie category of ”Summer Winners & Losers” (News and Notes), one surprise omission was among the year’s biggest winners: Marvel Comics films. Whether the movies featured mechanical-armed assassins (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), webslingers (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), or Sentinels and speed demons (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Marvel has had one great year. In fact, 2014 is probably the only year you can say the summer was stolen by a motormouthed raccoon. Rock on, Rocket!
Tom Carter
Covington, La.

You call Edge of Tomorrow one of the movie losers. Are box office receipts the only factor when determining whether something is a winner or loser? I realize EoT may not have had the type of box office reception enjoyed by the typical Marvel movie, but it was a damn good film. It had a lot more to say than a CGI-fest about a bunch of crime-fighting turtles. If there’s any justice in this pop culture world, Edge of Tomorrow will end up on more than one critic’s year-end top 10 list.
Kevin Watkin
Drexel Hill, Pa.

Revisiting the Classics
EW always has great content, but little bonuses like the look back at Out of the Past (Movies), a longtime fave, and the detailed John Cassavetes piece (Binge!) make for must-reads filled with nice surprises. Okay, gotta go rewatch Jane Greer give Bob Mitchum all he can handle.
Louis B. Parks
Wimberley, Tex.

Play Something Country
Based on your Fall Music Guide, 99 percent of country-music stars seem to be taking the fall off from releasing new albums and going on tour. Guess they needed a rest after selling millions of records and selling out all of their shows… Come on, guys, share the wealth! A lot of us EW readers are actually country-music fans.
Keith A. Meeks
Newport News, Va.