Joshua Rivera
September 22, 2014 AT 07:09 PM EDT

Comic books have some of the most active and involved fans of any medium, and comics conventions are a big part of that. Despite the immense popularity of comics-inspired movies in theaters every year, the majority of published comics don’t sell very many copies—the average number of copies a book at both Marvel and DC, the biggest names in the business, tends to sit at 50,000 or less, with the top 10 clocking in six figures and the rest less than half that. Because of this, comics heavily rely on the support of a small and passionate fanbase. Comic cons are an important part of the industry, and they just don’t happen in San Diego and New York.

Case in point: Nigeria’s Lagos Comic-Con.

In a feature over at The Beat, Nigerian writer and lawyer Deji Bryce Olukotun interviews Ayodele Elegba, comics creator and co-founder of the Lagos Comic-Con.

“I wanted to debunk the myth and show people that Nigerian comics do exist and that we have comic artists and writers here in Nigeria,” Elegba said.

The two discuss the convention—which just completed its third year this weekend—and the unique challenges of the Nigerian comics industry. It’s fascinating stuff, and it’s well worth a read.

Don’t worry, they still have cosplay.

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