Dalton Ross
October 02, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Every week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water.’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Monty Hall, let’s talk about the Let’s Make a Deal crossover episode we just witnessed. Looks like Reed and Hunahpu tried to get you to play the part of sucker in their proposed trade of half a bag of rice for another flint. Two part question: Part 1: Even if they had come in at the top of the challenge and pleaded their case, was there any chance you would have settled for less than the entirety of the fishing gear? Part 2: Did you consider checking with the other tribe to see if they objected to the switch?

JEFF PROBST: Part 1:  Had they offered up the beans off the top I’m not sure what I would have done but most likely I would have started a conversation about the value of fire vs. beans and see where it took us, but it’s unlikely that half a bag of anything would get you a new flint.

Part 2:  No. It’s not their call. It’s a bit weird to have it play out in front of the other tribe, but it did so that’s how it went down. What’s really fun is that storyline is not over, it has a punch line still to come!

Both you and my EW Radio cohost Jessica Shaw had Val as your pre-game pick to win. So first off — IN YOUR FACE, PROBST!!! But seriously, what the hell was she thinking lying about having two idols? Isn’t that the equivalent of painting a huge target on your back and inviting people to take a shot?

I haven’t been as wrong about a player as I was about Val in a long, long time. I think Val panicked. She overplayed. She didn’t need to come back with such a big and almost completely unbelievable lie. I appreciate that she went for it and I can respect the effort, but it seems like she was on the wrong side of the strategy. Coming back from Exile having spent zero time with your tribe is a very tough situation to find yourself in, but saying you have an idol (or two) is a very aggressive strategy and almost forces the tribe to flush your idol. I’ve never played, so this is simply backseat driving — but a better first move might have been to first try to get a vibe from the tribe. Who knows? Maybe there was someone else that was the more likely first out. At least get a lay of the land before you throw down the gauntlet. But I still like Val. She came to play and she played. She never complained about being voted out early, she just took it as part of the game and that says to me she’s a player she just made a bad move.

I have no idea what John Rocker is doing in this game. He tattles on Val having two idols, but then warns Val to play one of them. Also, the dude nominates himself for the reward challenge even though his size would clearly be a disadvantage getting under those poles. Does he know what the hell he’s doing out there?

I understand what you’re saying about him seeming to be up and down and left and right. It’s hard to know at this point if there is a method to his madness or if he’s just a bit mad… I will say that I am pleasantly surprised by how much he is “playing” the game.”  I wasn’t sure if he would come out and try to just coast along but he isn’t — he’s playing Survivor and that is really all we ever hope for when we put someone on the show.

Tease us up good for next week, sir. Looks like Jeremy is ready to have his Rocker revenge.

A great episode next week.  Keith will make your jaw sore from smiling and Rocker will make your jaw drop from shock.

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