Esther Zuckerman
October 07, 2014 AT 06:17 PM EDT

With the midterm elections fast approaching, let Lil Jon, Lena Dunham, and people of varying degrees of fame encourage you to vote with Rock The Vote’s latest: “#TURNOUTFORWHAT.” 

A play on Lil Jon’s hit “Turn Down for What,” the video has some elements of Hollywood satire. For instance: Dunham is in a booth with trainer Tracy Anderson. “Yeah, this is how we do it Hollywood,” she says. “We vote with our trainers.” Then Lil Jon asks if Ray and Shoshanna are going to end up together.

But when the pulsing music begins, things get (somewhat) more serious. In the video, stars state what issues are making them turn out to vote. Darren Criss is turning out for education. Dunham (a.k.a. Lil Lena) is turning out for reproductive rights. Natasha Lyonne is turning out for prison reform. (We see you, Orange Is the New Black.) Lil Jon himself? Well, he’s turning out for marijuana legalization.

The video also features some fervent dancing—as there must be when “Turn Down for What” is playing—though Fred Armisen takes the crown for best moves.

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