Ariana Bacle
October 12, 2014 AT 05:33 PM EDT

Saturday Night Live alum Jan Hooks, who died Oct. 9 at age 57, was most well-known for her comedic impressions of people like Hillary Clinton and her recurring character Candy Sweeney, but SNL didn’t showcase any of those roles when they paid tribute to her Saturday night: Instead, they showed “Love is a Dream,” a short, sweet film starring Hooks and fellow SNL alum Phil Hartman.

“Love is a Dream” begins in black and white, with Hooks dressed as an older woman carefully removing a tiara from a storage box. That tiara transports Hooks to her youth, and she suddenly appears decades younger as Hartman stands beside her. The dream begins now: Hooks and Hartman go on to sing and dance in a ballroom until Hartman leads Hooks back to her black and white world.

The film, which first appeared on Saturday Night Live, is romantic and sentimental, and shows that Hooks wasn’t only a comedian. She was a talented actress who could transport not just her own characters, but also her viewers, to a different world.

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