Joshua Rivera
October 17, 2014 AT 10:13 PM EDT

One of the best things about video games is how they allow you to experience things from truly unique perspectives—playing characters that come from an entirely different racial, religious, or socioeconomic background as yourself, allowing for deep insight and empathy when done right.

Now, you can also play as a slice of bread.

I Am Bread is the latest game from Bossa Studios, the developers most famous for Surgeon Simulator, a game that lets you play as the worst surgeon in the world. This time around, Bossa is taking their unique brand of quirky digital physics toys out of the hospital and into the kitchen.

In I Am Bread, you are a slice of bread. But you can like, move and stuff. I’m not sure why. You probably shouldn’t ask too many questions about this sort of thing. But the trailer is a lot of fun. Take a look!

Game of the year 2014, obviously.

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