Teresa Jue
October 22, 2014 AT 09:35 PM EDT

IKEA Singapore is reaching for a certain horror-aficionado customer base with their newest ad, an excellent homage to The Shining.

The furniture mega-chain took on the Stanley Kubrick classic with a faithful rendition of the big wheel scene in which little Danny rides through the Overlook Hotel and encounters those incredibly creepy twins. IKEA Singapore’s version drops some major Easter eggs throughout the video as Danny 2.0 rides through an empty IKEA, which serves as an appropriately chilling place to be when people aren’t around to buy bed frames. The commercial serves as an advertisement for the chain’s Halloween contest on Facebook, where viewers can win IKEA gift cards by taking a screenshot of various items within the video.

IKEA pulls off some clever references, such as the woman creeping out of the curtains in reference to Johnny’s discovery of the decaying corpse (a.k.a. buy IKEA brand curtains!), some subliminal marketing with the teddy bear on the bed, “REDRUG” spelled out on the walls, a nod to the infamous “REDRUM,” and many more. See if you can spot all the references in the video.

Original scene:

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