Teresa Jue
October 22, 2014 AT 05:20 PM EDT

There’s nothing like unrequited Coachella love that really sets off that button of teenage angst.

Jaden Smith compiled all that wisdom seen in his amusing Twitter feed and put it together in the lyrics for his angsty music video for “Blue Ocean,” which borrows the melody from Justin Timberlake’s “Blue Ocean Floor.” The video, directed by friend Moises Arias, features Smith hanging with his rat pack of L.A. cohorts, including rumored on-again, off-again girlfriend, fling, whatever, Kylie Jenner, as Smith emotes heavily on a girl who he met at Coachella.

Smith raps about some heavy subjects, which somehow include… cocaine? Here are some choice lyrics: “Man I met a girl at Coachella/I like her but you know I couldn’t tell her/Cause she had her own fella but I met a blow dealer/He told me that he was a wholesaler.” While it is unclear whether Smith gleans his lyrics from real-life or fiction, the teen continues to wax poetic about this mysterious unrequited love while having a frustrating game of soccer, doing some lonely swinging, and hanging out at the beach in his boxer shorts. Teenagers just feel so hard these days.

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