Marc Snetiker
October 24, 2014 AT 08:50 PM EDT

The Gallaghers are back—and this time, they’ve got guns.

Showtime’s radical drama—no, wait, comedy—rocked the boat last year with its deliriously dark fourth season, which was heavy even by the show’s own standard. This January, Shameless is back for a fifth cycle of family drama that just might bring the crazy to a new level.

The brand new trailer, which officially debuts on Sunday—but is available now exclusively on EW—teases plenty of new twists for season five. What’s to come, exactly? For one thing, there’s the possible return of Jimmy, whom Fiona swears she sees around town.

Plus, there’s Frank enjoying a moderately clean bill of health (by Frank standards, at least), a new ex-bad boy beau for Fiona (season five cast member Dermot Mulroney), and the arrival of at least one organic coffee shop—which probably won’t last the whole season, if Ian and Mickey have anything to say about it.

The season kicks off January 11 on Showtime.

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