Teresa Jue
October 27, 2014 AT 06:19 PM EDT

Halloween is fast approaching, and John Oliver has a few words to say about the consumption of sugar that’s about to take place.

After Oliver got a tiny rant out about the “sexy John Oliver” Halloween costume, Oliver soon went into his rant du jour: sugar. Lamenting the “$2.2 billion of candy” that consumers will spend this Halloween, Oliver grew more incensed by reports that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, adding up to 75 pounds of sugar per year.

“Holy shit, 75 pounds of sugar! That’s like eating Michael Cera’s weight in sugar every single year!” Oliver said.

Oliver then devolved further into a full-on sugar tirade, describing one-time Honeycomb cereal mascot as a “tumbleweed made of merkins.” Watch Oliver examine the issue of sugar as a diet food, “nature’s most disgusting berry,” the way sugar content is listed in nutritional information, and more.

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