Mandi Bierly
October 28, 2014 AT 08:01 PM EDT

Update: Kurt Sutter is back in action Wednesday, and Instagrammed a photo to prove it.

Original post: As if there wasn’t going to be enough drama in front of the camera during the filming of Sons of Anarchy‘s final episode, there was some behind-the-scenes on Monday, when creator Kurt Sutter had to excuse himself from the director’s chair to have his appendix removed. Sutter, who also wrote the series finale set to air Dec. 9, tweeted a photo of his outed organ.

So apparently this needed to come out.

— kurt sutter (@sutterink) October 27, 2014

Fellow Sons EP Paris Barclay—who helmed the season premiere, as well as episodes 7, 10, and 12—has stepped in until Sutter returns, which his rep tells EW is still expected to be Wednesday.

Thanks for all the love and well wishes. Appendix ejected. Back in director’s chair Wednesday. Thanks @Harperbar for having my back.

— kurt sutter (@sutterink) October 28, 2014

In the meantime, Glen Mazzara, his former colleague on The Shield, is helping Sutter keep his sense of humor in tact.

@glenmazzara: Please post your proctology & dental exams. My dentist begins every exam with a finger up my ass. All dentists do… Right?

— kurt sutter (@sutterink) October 28, 2014

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