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'Real World: Skeletons' cast to feature 7 living humans, 0 skeletons

Real World Skeletons


MTV is bringing back The Real World for its 30th season—this time with skeletons.

Of course, they’re metaphorical skeletons. In a twist to the long-running franchise, Real Word: Skeletons will gather the perennial group of attractive roommates in Chicago and surprise the house guests with the skeletons in their respective closets—whether it be troubled relationships, estranged family members, or their deepest, darkest secrets. MTV introduced the cast 20-somethings Tuesday. Below, see the list of roommates and their alleged “skeletons,” gleaned from MTV’s brief bios.

Bruno, 24, East Providence, Rhode Island
Skeleton: Hasn’t spoken to his male model brother, Briah, in three years after a “petty argument.”

Sylvia, 25, Kansas City, Missouri
Skeleton: Is attracted to dysfunctional romantic relationships due to the abandonment from her step-father; has a “roster” of men back home to pick and choose from.

Jason, 24, Raleigh, North Carolina
Skeleton: Raised by a single mother, has never known his estranged father. Went from “Urkel to Jaleel” after he switched from glasses to contacts, and suddenly became attractive to girls.

Madison, 23, Austin, Texas
Skeleton: Was introduced to recreational drug use in high school from an ex-boyfriend; now recovering from drug addiction and is “known for stealing guys’ hearts.”

Nicole, 23, Staten Island, New York
Skeleton: Is a triplet. Claims she can “steal your girlfriend.”

Tony, 25, Folsom, Louisiana
Skeleton: A serial dater with an inability to remain faithful; has a slew of exes and had to get knee surgery after an altercation with one of the exes.

Violetta, 23, Sarasota, Florida
Skeleton: “Self-described former fat girl who was bullied in high school.” Now a self-described partier, who goes by the partying alter-ego, Claryse.