Miles Raymer
November 04, 2014 AT 07:32 PM EST

Soft Touch is made up of two musicians with formidable reputations in beat-based music: Chrome Canyon releases soundtrack-inspired music on the iconic Stones Throw label, and Saarid, (a.k.a. Mark Palgy) helped to find a place for rock ‘n’ roll in the contemporary club scene with his former band VHS Or Beta. When they joined up, they gave themselves a broad mission to make “adventurous pop music.”

On “Swim in the Night,” their collaboration with Norwegian singer Silya, that means blending together ’80s electro-funk and freestyle with a dash of house music, resulting in a big, bubblegummy mass of burbling synthesizers and hooky vocals that would have slayed at middle school dances 30 years ago (but still sounds great today).

“Swim in the Night” is available for pre-order as an MP3 or on vinyl.

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