Esther Zuckerman
November 07, 2014 AT 08:16 PM EST

Birdman is not what it sounds like. It’s not about a superhero; it’s about a man trying to stage a Broadway play, and employs magical realism to takes aim at the Hollywood and theater communities. However, that man, Riggan Thomson, once played a character called Birdman, and now Fox Searchlight has made the trailer for one of his blockbusters: Birdman Returns. 

The trailer appropriately looks like a relic of 1992 down to the bad picture quality, and Fox Searchlight fashions the video’s YouTube page as a #TBT. It reads: “in 1992, Riggan Thomson makes box office history in BIRDMAN RETURNS. It will be another 4 years before Riggan famously pulls out of BIRDMAN 4 and disappears off the face of the planet until reviving his career on Broadway!” Now, of course, 1992 was the year that Birdman star Michael Keaton played Batman in Batman Returns. 

Mike Ryan pointed out on Twitter that Birdman would have opened against Alien 3Encino Man, and Far and AwayBatman Returns came out in June.

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