Esther Zuckerman
November 07, 2014 AT 05:12 PM EST

Hannah is off to the Iowa Writers Workshop in the new trailer for the fourth season of Girls—and she actually seems to be enjoying life there. She’s eating healthy and even telling Marnie over video chat, “We should all move here and start the revolution.”

“No one is moving to Iowa ever, but I’m so, so glad you’re happy,” Marnie says, in that wonderfully backhanded Marnie way.

Actually, Elijah does come to Iowa, where Hannah’s classmates are a bit derisive of her autobiographical style of fiction. As for the other girls, Marnie is making bad decisions with Desi, who continues to have a girlfriend; Jessa is getting handcuffed (with Adam?!); and Shoshanna is trying to enter the work force without much success. Oh, and she’s also exploring the world of barrettes. Personally, I would like to watch From Hair Donuts to Barrettes: The Shoshanna Shapiro Story.

“I just don’t understand  why nobody tells you how bad it’s going to be in the real world,” Shoshanna says, wearing a jacket that looks like it should belong to Emily Gilmore.

“Yeah, they do,” Marnie responds. “It’s pretty much all they tell you.”

Girls returns on Jan. 11.

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