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Ariana Bacle
November 12, 2014 AT 08:34 PM EST

Some people might scoff or sigh when they hear a song they don’t like, but Zoe Fennessey? She gets seizures.

Each time the 26-year-old hears Ne-Yo’s voice, she has an epileptic seizure. This wouldn’t be a problem if, say, Smash Mouth triggered her seizures, but Ne-Yo is a popular artist whose music is pretty hard to escape—she had to go through about 15 seizures in 2011 when Ne-Yo and Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” was topping the charts before she realized Ne-Yo’s voice was the cause.

“Whenever I hear the first few beats of the song, I have to drop whatever I am doing and run,” Fennessey told the Daily Mail“I don’t dislike Ne-Yo or his music. It just dislikes me, unfortunately.”

Fennessey got a surgery in June that removed part of her brain’s temporal lobe, where doctors thought the seizures could be coming from, and while it helped a bit, she still has to stay away from Ne-Yo’s music. “People might think it is funny, and I can laugh at it myself,” Fennessey said. “But it has taken over my life. It’s ruined my life.”

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