Jordan Belfort meets 'Ratatouille' in 'Rat of Wall Street' mashup |

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Meet the Rat of Wall Street in this 'Ratatouille'-'Wolf of Wall Street' mashup

Rat Of Wall Street

It’s certainly not the first time the comparison between Wall Street swindlers and sewer-dwelling vermin has been drawn—but it’s never been done with quite such cinematic flair before. Vimeo user Harrison Allen has created a mashup of 2007’s family friendly Pixar hit and last year’s expletive-laced Martin Scorsese flick, and the results are pretty brilliant.

Scenes from the heartwarming tale of a rodent-cum-chef and his human buddy Linguini are coupled with Leonardo DiCaprio’s voiceover from the trailer for Wolf—the sex, drugs, and crime-ridden romp based on the real-life escapades of Wall Street fraud Jordan Belfort. Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” ties it all together into a seriously believable preview—for a mashup movie it’s kind of tempting to want to see for real.

Enjoy the trailer below.