Esther Zuckerman
November 19, 2014 AT 02:42 PM EST

Cameron Diaz’s Saturday Night Live promos are a little experimental and a little wistful. 

They open with Diaz and Bobby Moynihan, backs to the camera, looking out a window facing the Empire State Building. “If you owned all of New York City, what would you do?” Moynihan asks. Why, Diaz would host SNL—which obviously she’s already doing—and she’d have Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson as the musical guests. When Moynihan tells her that’s what’s happening, she turns to him and asks, “Does this mean I own New York City?”

From there, the promos segue into familiar everyone-wants-to-date-Cameron Diaz gags. Hey, did you know that Moynihan was Diaz’s first kiss? And that they made love on the roof of the Die Hard building? Or maybe Moynihan wrote those cue cards…in crayon.

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