Esther Zuckerman
November 25, 2014 AT 05:40 PM EST

A trailer is here for Joe Wright’s take on Peter Pan, and let’s just say it looks a lot different than Peter Pan Live!.

The Atonement director plays around with J.M. Barrie’s lore for his Pan, which finds its main villain not in Captain Hook, but in Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard, taking inspiration from Johnny Depp when it comes to bizarre hairstyles. Hook, meanwhile, is an American-accented miner by Garrett Hedlund. EW‘s Keith Staskiewicz describes him as a “dashing Indiana Jones-like figure,” and that certainly stands given the trailer. Hedlund’s Hook has some flirtations with Rooney Mara’s controversially cast Tiger Lily, and model Cara Delevingne shows up briefly as a mermaid. Levi Miller stars as Peter.

Wright is known for his stunning visuals, and Pan looks like it will not disappoint on this front. Audiences will see whether they want to journey to this Neverland on July 17, 2015.

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