Joshua Rivera
November 26, 2014 AT 04:16 PM EST

Have you heard Ariana Grande’s new Christmas song yet? Have you memorized the words? All of them? No? Really? Come on—it’s been three whole days!

Not to worry—just in time for Thanksgiving (a holiday in no way related to the song, but still), the ascendant pop diva has put out a lyric video.

In fact, looking at the lyrics, there seems to be some confusion as to how holidays work. Like, that part where she falls asleep in love on Christmas night and wakes up alone on New Year’s Day? That’s a full week of sleeping! And love isn’t Santa’s department. He does the whole naughty-or-nice thing. The love thing, that’s Cupid’s job, in February. Unions, man.

The song sure is catchy, though.

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