Fan-favorite character reappears in 'Walking Dead' post-credit cameo |

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Fan-favorite character reappears in 'Walking Dead' post-credit cameo

Walking Dead Post Credits


The Walking Dead’s midseason finale included the requisite zombies, death, and tension that fans have come to expect. But the episode also included a welcome surprise: the return of Morgan Jones.

Lennie James’ Morgan appeared briefly in the season-five premiere following that episode’s credits after having been absent for several seasons. To continue that trend while also putting many of Marvel’s post-credits scenes to shame, Morgan popped up again at the end of “Coda.”

In the clip, Morgan, who doesn’t utter a word, looks to now be hot on the trail of Rick and his crew. Morgan finds a map and Abraham’s note to Rick at the church the survivors had already visited, giving viewers a strong suggestion as to where Morgan will travel to next.

James has shown up on the show only a handful of times throughout the show’s run, though since his memorable story in the pilot, he has remained a favorite for fans wondering what exactly he’s been up to over the years. Now that Morgan knows he’s following in the footsteps of Rick, hopefully a reunion is on the way.

AMC also released a preview of what’s to come when The Walking Dead returns in 2015.