Ian West/PA Wire
Jonathon Dornbush
December 04, 2014 AT 06:28 PM EST

James Bond has no shortage of iconic hallmarks from his decades-long history, but few are as memorable as the envy-inducing collection of cars he’s driven. But now fans who have wanted to cruise around like Bond—well, the really loaded ones—will have a chance to own 007’s latest ride.

The Aston Martin DB10 was unveiled this morning at the SPECTRE cast announcement as Bond’s newest means of transportation, but Daniel Craig won’t be the only one with a chance to get behind the wheel.

Aston Martin also announced that the company will build 10 DB10s for customers, which will be handmade at the company’s facility in Gaydon, England. The car was designed specifically for Bond, with input from the film’s director Sam Mendes. Though it’s a safe guess that any special gadgets or weapons 007 will have access to in the car will not be included in the consumer model.

No specs for the car, nor what the asking price will be, have been announced. But if you save up $100 bills like most people save pennies, you might have a chance at getting one step closer to completing the most elaborate and expensive James Bond cosplay ever.

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