Joshua Rivera
December 09, 2014 AT 05:40 PM EST

If you use a smartphone, it’s easy to miss out on a great app—there are just so many. The end of the year makes a great time to catch up, though. Apple has just released its list of picks for the best apps of the year, and a few of them are pretty solid downloads.

For the complete list, head on over to the App Store. The big winner, though? Elevate, a slick brain-training app that gives you brain teasers and mental exercises to fill your idle moments, with Instagram’s nifty instant time-lapse app Hyperlapse nabbing the runner-up spot. A few more notable picks—they’re oldies, but goodies:

  • SwiftKey Keyboard—now that iPhone users can finally swap out their keyboards, check out one of the best.
  • 1Password—most people do not have good password habits. A password manager like 1Password will help you with that by doing all the hard work for you.
  • Camera+ — the iPhone camera is pretty good. Camera + makes it better.
  • Star Walk — because stargazing is cool.

Uber is also on the list, in spite of several months of negative coverage from outlets reporting that the service was deliberately sabotaging its competition and suggesting the blackmail of journalists who were critical of the company. Despite all that and more, Uber is doing extraordinarily well right now—which is probably all it takes to be named one of the best apps of the year.

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