Edu Hawkins/Redferns via Getty Images
Miles Raymer
December 10, 2014 AT 05:47 PM EST

When Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice opens Friday, it will include a bunch new recordings by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who has a pretty successful side hustle writing for soundtracks, alongside classic tracks by Can and Neil Young. One of them is a previously unreleased Radiohead composition called “Spooks.”

Radiohead heads may recognize it as the uncharacteristically spunky number channeling ’60s surf rock via the Pixies’ Bossanova that the band played during a 2006 tour. With help from two members of the defunct Britpop outfit Supergrass, Greenwood has given the song a dramatic makeover, slowing it down to a Doors-y tempo and turning it into the psychedelic bed of sound to back up a spoken word passage by narrator Joanna Newsom.

You can check out Greenwood’s reworked version at Stereogum, and check out a fan video of the Radiohead original below.

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