Teresa Jue
December 12, 2014 AT 10:51 PM EST

Lindsay Lohan is backing Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame,  a mobile gaming app that looks awfully familiar to the highly lucrative Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Developed with Space Inch, the game follows the Kardashian formula of playing the fame game, but with a lot more back-stabby overtones. According to Vulture, unlike Kardashian’s “rise to the top” strategy, Lohan’s game already starts at the top of the A-list, and the game is all about maintain that status – at any price, duh.

Lohan herself shows up as an avatar in the game, in an animation style that resembles South Park, albeit if South Park characters were thin.The game is an overall parody on celebrity, where you could, according to the game’s description, “start a phony rap beef, buy a private peninsula, get butt implants, fight in an elevator, and give your baby botox. It’s all part of getting famous in Hollywood.” Despite that colorful description, the game is still rated 4+, which classifies apps that “contain no objectionable material.”

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