Miles Raymer
December 16, 2014 AT 10:45 PM EST

For music fans, both amateur and professional, the final quarter of the year is pretty much devoted to talking over–or arguing about–the music that we listened to, but there’s never much discussion about how we moved to it. Maybe it’s because dance styles often evolve independently of music trends, or because a lot of people who love talking about music are terrified of talking about dance (or dancing, for that matter).

In a new video for created as a lead-up to the YouTube Music Awards, video director Jake Nava runs through some of the big dance trends of the year, with nine couples (well, one’s a triad) reproducing choreography from a handful of the year’s most notable dance-oriented music videos–including ones by Sia, Keiza, and Beyoncé–to the sound of SBTRKT and Ezra Koenig’s “New Dorp, New York.” Nava knows a thing or two about quality music video choreography, considering that he directed Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video.

The final product ties together a bunch of disparate dance styles, including flexing, voguing, and even some throwback punk moves by a couple of cute skinheads. It’s all so good that we’re willing to overlook the fact that there’s no Shmoney Dance.


[CORRECTION: An early version of this post incorrectly identified the video as a co-creation with Vice’s Creators Project.]

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