James Hibberd
December 16, 2014 AT 08:05 PM EST

Another reason to dislike the Seinfeld finale: Fans’ reaction to the closing episode of NBC’s iconic sitcom isn’t helping the odds of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm ever coming back.

Curb creator and star Larry David was asked by Grantland about the possibility of Curb ever seeing a ninth season. David has often seemed pessimistic about the acclaimed and popular show returning, but he sounds even more against the prospect than usual.

“I guess, right now, the odds would be against it, probably 6 to 1,” said David, who is prepping his new upcoming Broadway comedy show, Fish in the Dark

Interviewer Bill Simmons floated the idea of a 90-minute Curb special to “wrap things up,” but the Seinfeld co-creator shot back: “Well, you know, I got so much grief from the Seinfeld finale, which a lot of people intensely disliked, that I no longer feel a need to wrap things up … I wouldn’t say I’m mad about [the reaction], but it taught me a lesson that if I ever did another show, I wasn’t going to wrap it up … I think the thing about finales is everybody writes their own finale in their head.”

Curb scored some of its highest ratings in its final year and occupies a very unique production space in the TV landscape: It’s a comedy series that’s been off the air since 2011, yet the show is not “canceled” (and perhaps never will be). HBO executives have long maintained they are ready to do another season of Curb whenever David is ready to come back. David, in turn, never seems eager about the prospect, yet never shuts it down completely, either.

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