Teresa Jue
December 16, 2014 AT 03:04 PM EST

Today’s Pottermore riddle is brought to you in part by Kid Voldemort, a.k.a. Tom Riddle.

In day five of the 12 days of Pottermore Christmas, today’s riddle highlights a special moment in the Half-Blood Prince, in which Professor Dumbledore looks back on his memories in the Hogwarts Pensieve in order to recall the moment where he recruited future amphibian-faced dark wizard Voldemort.

In an orphanage in London where Tom Riddle resides,

a suited wizard visits him, it’s quite a surprise,

after showing the boy magical tricks of all sorts,

which future headmaster offers him a place at Hogwarts?

The answer is, of course, Professor Dumbledore, and the treat of the day is a back story on the Pensieve, the magical device used by the most advanced wizards (i.e. Dumbledore) in order to recreate livable memories. It’s not incredibly new knowledge, but stay steady; there will be seven more days of this riddle extravaganza.

Head on over to Pottermore to learn more about what the Hogwarts Pensieve looked like.

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