Darren Franich
December 18, 2014 AT 08:01 PM EST

Back in August, there was a bit of controversy around the new Spider-Woman series—specifically focusing on a variant cover that was a bit suggestive, like how Basic Instinct was a bit suggestive or Shame was a bit Fassbender-y. One thing that got a bit lost in the controversy: There’s a new Spider-Woman series! Jessica Drew has been a superpowered bench player for decades, and it’s always cool to see another female-centric mainstream superhero series.

Also cool: The new costume that Marvel has designed for Spider-Woman, which will debut in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game before making its first canonical appearance in March. USA Today has all the details on the new threads, which are more casual than Spider-Woman’s bright-spandex classic look. It’s a very modern-minimalist outfit, with Hathaway-Catwoman sunglasses and a top that unzips into a street wear jacket. (In jacket form, the top vaguely resembles Marty McFly’s future-jacket from Back to the Future 2.) Check it out:

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