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Ariana Bacle
December 19, 2014 AT 12:54 PM EST

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina made sure to make their acceptance speech at Thursday’s People Magazine Awards memorable: The duo received the award for “TV Couple of the Year” and used their time onstage as an opportunity to share a steamy moment, one that surely satisfied Mindy Project fans who are missing the show after its fall finale.

The People Magazine Awards, hosted by Nick Cannon, awarded stars for their work in TV and movies. The show featured performances by hit-makers like Gwen Stefani and Maroon 5, but the real highlights included that Mindy-Messina moment, Jon Hamm’s attempts at airport humor, and Michael Keaton’s mention of who he’s planning to go home and kiss. (Hint: It’s not a person.).

Jon Hamm accepts award for TV Performance of the Year

Jon Hamm said what everyone was thinking when he compared the room, filled with couches and coffee tables, to a first class lounge at LAX. “The Wi-Fi password is ‘pomegranate,’” he joked before delivering a sincere speech, thanking his partner Jennifer Westfeldt and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. He got in one last airport-related quip though before leaving the stage: “Please help yourself to mixed nuts and tiny finger sandwiches on the way out.”

Kate Upton apologizes to her brother

People gave the Sports Illustrated model the “Sexiest Woman Alive” title—an announcement that was, naturally, accompanied by a montage of Upton in a bikini. “I’m so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother,” Upton said in her acceptance speech. “Poor David.”

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina show off their chemistry

Kaling and Messina won “TV Couple of the Year” for their roles on Fox’s The Mindy Project, so they decided to give viewers a taste of their on-screen relationship in a moment that involved the two staring into each others’ eyes… before Kaling ruined the moment by grabbing Messina’s butt.

Nora Sandigo wins “Hero of the Year”

Hero of the year didn’t go to Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but to Nora Sandigo—someone who might not be a household name but has nevertheless had an impact on many lives. Sandigo is the executive director of American Fraternity, Inc., an organization with a mission to help immigrants adjust to America, and the legal guardian of over 800 children of undocumented immigrants. Entertainment is cool and all, but Sandigo’s presence reminded viewers that it’s not just big celebrities who do important things.

Michael Keaton reveals his post-win plans

After winning Movie Performance of the Year for his work in Birdman, Keaton gave a short-but-sweet speech that ended with his evening’s plan: “I’m going to buy [Jeff Bridges] a shot of tequila now and go home and kiss my dogs.” In other words, Keaton’s living the dream.

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