Esther Zuckerman
December 22, 2014 AT 10:54 PM EST

An extended “invitation to the set” of Girls gives an extended look at the upcoming season. Key facts? Adam proves not-so-loyal to Hannah, Hannah Jell-O wrestles, Ray enters politics, and Ray and Shosh rekindle their friendship, which is great news for those of us that believe they are the only couple worth rooting for on the show. 

In the video, the cast reveals that Marnie has big dreams of music stardom with Desi, with whom she is having an affair. (“She’s not a monster, she’s not the terrible other woman in a romance novel, she’s a really hurt, broken girl,” Lena Dunham says of Marnie.) Meanwhile, Shoshanna is entering the work force, only to face disappointment. Hence, she’s lecturing Ray on his t-shirt choices. It’s unclear what exactly Jessa is up to, but Dunham says “she feels abandoned and she acts out.” Lastly, Hannah and Elijah get into some undergrad-shenanigans while Hannah is attending grad school in Iowa. Learn about all of this and heated “Jello-like substance” in the below video.

The show starts up again Jan. 11.

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