Teresa Jue
December 22, 2014 AT 03:10 PM EST

As we inch closer to the end of Pottermore Christmas, the site’s daily treats are going deeper and deeper into the scandalous lives of Hogwart’s elite.

To catch up: This past weekend saw new content on soulless creatures, namely dementors and inferi. Day 9 of the Pottermore Christmas saga revealed a new entry on a temporary antidote for the effects of dementor-related depression: chocolate. Rowling inserted a small joke to add in the short entry, noting that “excessive chocolate consumption cannot benefit either Muggle or wizard.”

Day 10 revealed a slightly more macabre entry on inferi, corpses that have been reanimated by a dark wizard’s curse. Rowling noted that she decidedly did not call inferi “zombies,” since there are no such things as zombies in British folklore, and because zombies have been overplayed so much in pop culture for the past decades.

“I’m part of the ‘Thriller’ generation; to me, a zombie will always mean Michael Jackson in a bright red bomber jacket,” Rowling wrote.

Today’s riddle looked back on Malfoy’s attempt to assassinate Professor Dumbledore in order to obey lizard face himself, Voldemort:

Death Eaters gather on the Astronomy Tower,

Keen to rid Dumbledore of his life and power.

But which student masterminded this plot with precision,

In order to fulfill the Dark Lord’s terrible mission?

The answer and fool in question is, of course, “Draco Malfoy.” The animated scene opens in on Dumbledore’s death, as Snape carries out Malfoy’s task, secretly at Dumbledore’s behest. After much thorough clicking, the scene reveals new content in the back story of Malfoy, including his envy of Harry Potter, lots and lots of issues with his father, Lucius, and the mounting pressure he was under when he carried the task of killing Dumbledore. It also revealed more on Malfoy’s eventual marriage to Astoria Greengrass, a relationship that did not make Malfoy’s pureblood parents happy. In-laws—they can’t even be pleased in the wizarding world!

Head on over to Pottermore to read more about the trials and travails of Draco Malfoy.

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