Teresa Jue
December 23, 2014 AT 07:35 PM EST

Tell the Ari Gold-quoting pal in your life this very important news: The Entourage movie trailer has been released.

The film picks up six months after the television series’ end, when the gang is in hot water after going over-budget on a $100 million movie—spearheaded by agent-turned studio head Gold. The film features Vinny Chase’s turn as a superhuman DJ with Calvin Harris; sounds about right.

The trailer features the gang’s usual hijinks: slow-motion strolls in Beverly Hills, making Ari apoplectic with anger, and scantily clad yacht parties. Oh, and a Turtle-was-fat joke! Watch the trailer and just wait for the Mark Wahlberg cameo.

Entourage is expected to be released June 5, 2015.

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