Claudette Barius
Esther Zuckerman
January 06, 2015 AT 10:33 PM EST

Steven Soderbergh catalogued all the culture he consumed in 2014 on his website and it’s a revealing look at what attracts the sort of retired director. He watches the same shows you probably do: House of Cards, Girls, The AmericansSilicon Valley, and Inside Amy Schumer. And some shows you might not: Doll & Em and Arvingerne, for example. After Mike Nichols died in November he watched Carnal Knowledge and The Graduate. (He had actually watched Carnal Knowledge earlier in the year as well.)

Some of the information in the list is predictable—he obviously consumed projects he was involved in like The Knick or Magic Mike XXL (jealous)—some, less so. There are some choices in particular we’d like to pick Soderbergh’s brain about.

On Feb. 14, Soderbergh watched Ice Castles: Was that a Sochi-related choice? Did he hum the theme for days after watching? (Just going to assume he watched the original 1978 movie and not the 2010 direct-to-DVD remake.) Which did he think was better? Bad Grandpa (Feb. 21) or Non-Stop (March 14)?  What provoked him to watch Walk of Shame, which he did on May 5? Did it merit its 12 percent Rotten Tomatoes score? Why did he watch Jaws twice in less than a month (on June 23 and July 5)?  How quickly did he really read those three Karl Ove Knausgaard volumes listed under June 29, July 2, and July 12? What did he get out of his August mini-Katt Williams binge?

So many questions on this list? So few Friends reruns.

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