Ariana Bacle
January 08, 2015 AT 03:56 PM EST

Louis C.K. made a few changes to his usual wardrobe at his Wednesday evening stand-up show in New York: He wore a red tee instead of his typical black one, and, more notably, scrawled “Charlie Hebdo” on said tee in black Sharpie in honor of the dozen people murdered that same day at France’s Charlie Hebdo offices.

Louis CK rocking the homemade #CharlieHebdo shirt

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Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine based in Paris that had published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed in the past, and according to the Associated Presswitnesses to the murders “said the attackers claimed allegiance to al-Qaida.”

The attack has resulted in many world figures and celebrities voicing—or, in C.K.’s case, wearing—their support of both the publication and freedom of speech.

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