Miles Raymer
January 09, 2015 AT 04:41 PM EST

After a few years of relative quiet where it seemed like his hermit-y habits may finally have gotten the best of him, the flood of music and (even more surprisingly) straight-up communication with the outside world that Aphex Twin has unleashed recently is a pleasant surprise, to say the least. In the course of promoting his new album, Syro, he’s let out dozens of previously unreleased songs, and with the news today of another EP coming it seems like he’s not done yet.

First announced through his Twitter, the Jan. 23 release of his 13-song Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 was later confirmed by his label Warp. Further details about the recording have yet to be released, but presumably the EP will consist of arrangements for computer controlled acoustic instruments. Despite the title, he hasn’t ever released a Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt1.

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