Miles Raymer
January 15, 2015 AT 07:22 PM EST

Singing along to the music on your headphones is usually one of the most annoying things a person can do, but it’s actually forgivable in  Sleater-Kinney’s new video for “No Cities to Love.”

The clip is all about people singing along to the song with headphones on. For one thing, pretty much everyone’s singing in key, which is a rarity in this type of situation. But more importantly they’re all widely beloved celebrities—including Norman Reedus, Connie Britton, Fred Armisen, Gerard Way, Andy Samberg, Ellen Page, Sarah Silverman, Brie Larson, Natasha Leone, J. Mascis, and Miranda July. It’s cute, but don’t let it get you thinking that you can get away with doing this on your commute.

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