Jennifer Maas
January 15, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Singer “Weird Al” Yankovic is going to voice a weird Batman villain.

EW has confirmed that Yanvokic is among the list of new names added to the voice cast of Warner Bros.’ Batman vs. RobinThe Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news. He’ll voice the Dollmaker, a villain who enjoys making dolls from the body parts of his victims. He even cut off the Joker’s face, at the madman’s request, of course. But what can you expect from a villain whose father was “a cannibalistic serial killer”?

Yankovic will join the returning voice cast from 2014’s Son of Batman of Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova) as Batman, Stuart Allan (TV’s Bad Teacher) as Robin/Damian, and Sean Maher (Arrow) as Nightwing. David McCallum (NCIS) will also return as Alfred and Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, will voice Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas.

Fellow newcomers include Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory), long-time cartoon voice actor Grey Griffin, Robin Atkin Downes (Superman vs. The Elite), and Peter Onorati.

Batman vs. Robin will focus on a secret society snatching up the children of Gotham and grooming them to be assassins. The film will act as the sequel to Son of Batman and is scheduled for home release in the spring.

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