Jonathon Dornbush
January 16, 2015 AT 04:48 PM EST

If the overly complex and confusing rules of Ben Wyatt’s The Cones of Dunshire on Parks and Recreation sound like fun, fans of the show will soon have a chance to actually play the game. As long as they have at least $500 to spare.

Mayfair Games, which also publishes The Settlers of Catan, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring The Cones of Dunshire to the world outside of Pawnee, Indiana. The campaign has a $300,000 goal, with several different levels of backer donation and reward levels available.

But in order to actually acquire a copy of the game, backers will have to at least pledge at the $500 tier.

Those who fund the project at a limited $150 donation level will, however, receive a copy of the game’s box. Yes, just the box, without the actual game.

The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t necessarily explain how the game is actually played—only Ben Wyatt likely knows the proper way to play Cones of Dunshire. But for those who do pledge enough to purchase the game, a rule book will be included.

An earlier version of Mayfair’s version of Dunshire was actually played at Gen Con 2014, though some improvements and new additions are being made for this deluxe version.

For those who can donate $500 or more, the game will come with a multi-level game board that comes in at 10 square feet and includes “components galore” like “a mountain of coins” and, of course, the 17 titular cones.

The Kickstarter currently estimates that the game will be ready for shipping in July if the campaign reaches its funding goal. And for those who can’t quite devote so much money to a copy of the game but wish to have a bit of Dunshire history can pledge at a smaller level and receive items like posters, pins, and shirts.

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