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Natalie Abrams
January 18, 2015 AT 09:38 PM EST

Denis Leary is going to fit in perfectly when it comes to the rock star life.

The Rescue Me alum is returning to FX for his new series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, in which he plays a middle-aged former rock star whose career fizzled in a haze of drugs and alcohol. Now, 25 years after he was on top, he’s trying to make a comeback. During TCA’s winter press tour, Leary dropped no less than 50 f-bombs while promoting his new series. Here are some of the highlights:

F the introduction: FX’s day comes at the tail end of press tour, before PBS takes over on Monday and Tuesday. “All right, let’s start where I usually start with you people. I know you’re f—ing bored, f—ing tit-less right now. You’ve been here 14 days? 12? You’ve got two days of f—ing PBS coming up, right? So, really, the FX day is your f—ing last chance… How many f—ing shows are on PBS that they get two f—ing days? Seriously. I like PBS. I support it. But how many f—ing shows is it? How many f—ing shows are on PBS?”

F the characters: “Please, let’s not get into a whole thing about us talking about our characters and all that stupid f—ing bullshit. Every f—ing asshole actor has been talking about that for the last 12 days.” When the first question delves into the characters, Leary had the appropriate response: “F—, this is going to get into this whole weird character thing.”

F his daughter: Leary gushed over the casting of Elizabeth Gillies, who will play his daughter Gigi on the series. “Oh my god, this f—ing chick is amazing,” he said of hearing her sing at the audition. “She was completely unimpressed by me. She sang a f—ing Aretha Franklin song…. Holy f—, she was unbelievable.”

F the creation of the show: Leary actually had the idea for the series before Rescue Me’s final season commenced. “F— dude, I’m not even done yet,” Leary said of his pitch, which was actually first tossed around the same day as his previous FX show’s final TCA panel in 2011—the same panel where Rescue Me EP Peter Tolan dropped his pants. “The idea was to have a really f—ed up family that was a band,” he added, noting that the lead singer Johnny Rock (Leary) and lead guitarist Flash (John Corbett) are like the parents of the band because they’re the most popular. No one would “f—ing see the Stones without Mick and Keith.”

F John Corbett: “Mr. Corbett, who the f— is calling him Mr. Corbett?” Leary shot back when a critic asked his co-star a question. That does not mean he doesn’t respect Corbett. Even he was shocked the Parenthood alum signed on the series. “I didn’t think there was a f—ing chance I could get him… F—, why would this guy do a show with me?” Leary was relieved when he heard Corbett enjoyed the pilot script. “F—, thank God,” he said. “There’s a lot of people who could like your show, but then they think you’re a big f—ing asshole.” Oh, and when he heard how Corbett landed his breakout role, Leary was flabbergasted. “F—, if you hadn’t f—ing been in the Ford commercial, Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t have hired you for Sex and the City, which wouldn’t have made John Corbett John Corbett, which leads to Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. It’s the eternal circle of life.”

F original music: Much like other musical shows on the air right now—particularly Empire and Nashville, which Corbett revealed he was once offered a role on—Leary said the show would feature original music. “When you write a song, you think it’s the greatest f—ing thing in the world,” he said, noting that he’s not worried to face young and hip pop stars on the charts. “Liz Gillies had so many f—ing fans when she was on Nickelodeon.” Though, he did take a moment to praise Taraji P. Henson’s Empire character. “I thought that Cookie was f—ing unbelievable. That character is un-f—ing-believable.”

F other musicians: It sounds like the series will feature some guest-starring roles from real-life musicians, including Greg Dulli. “[He] walks on the f—ing set on the first day and [co-star] Bob Kelly says, ‘You are the most interesting man on earth,’ like the f—ing beer commercial.” Leary, himself, once had a song on the charts, though he said it didn’t rocket him to Rock and Roll stardom. “It’s still a f—ing comedy song. I wasn’t really getting laid off the ‘Asshole’ song.”

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is slated to premiere this year.

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