Chris Haston/Getty Images
Jennifer Maas
January 20, 2015 AT 09:43 PM EST

Back in 2011, before Bradley Cooper even strapped on a rifle, the book that inspired the Oscar-nominated film American Sniper was just coming out. The autobiography of the same name tells the combat story of Chris Kyle, the real-life sniper.

Just before the book’s release, Time sat down with Kyle to discuss at length his “shooting methods, his favorite sniper movies and his faith.”

At that time, only a portion of the interview was published in the magazine and a little more edited into a video. But on Tuesday, following American Sniper’s record-breaking opening weekend and six Academy Award nominations, Time published the interview in its entirety.

Head over to Time to read the full interview and see Kyle’s answer to questions like “Was that the hardest of the kills you had to do?”

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