Christian Holub
January 21, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

In the closest thing we’ll probably ever see to a real-life superhero crossover, there is now video of the girls of Broad City interviewing the women of Sleater-Kinney. Last Friday, days before the official release of Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities To Love, this cabal of creative women discussed feminism, pooping on buses, and the creative process in front of a crowd of about 150 at New York City’s Ace Hotel. The conversation was recorded by NPR Music.

Part of what makes this interview so amazing is that, as Abbi Jacobson notes, there is a creative lineage here. “I feel a little bit like we could not be a show without you guys,” she tells Sleater-Kinney. The age-old sexist stereotypes that were once beaten to death by Janet Weiss’ drums are now having their graves danced on by Ilana Glazer dressed in a fur coat. Brownstein describes what both groups do as an “unapologetic obliteration of the sacred,” which is both spot-on and further proof that she is way smarter than you.

Among other topics, the women also discuss the fate they both share: the “female” label (“female-fronted band,” “women comedy”) no matter their achievements in the field. Broad City faces Amy Schumer/Girls comparisons just the way Sleater-Kinney were always tagged to riot-grrl and Joan Jett, and both groups of women are insightful about the weirdness of that “narrow-mindedness.”

The whole conversation is worth watching.

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