James Hibberd
January 23, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

NBC is taking aim at a high-concept drama from two producers of its espionage hit The Blacklist.

The network has ordered a pilot called Endgame, about a former sniper who now works as a Las Vegas security expert. According to NBC, the character is “drawn into a  mysterious conspiracy that forces him to complete a series of heroic challenges in order to save innocent lives.” John Rogers (Leverage) is the writer and executive producer with John Davis and John Fox (The Blacklist) executive producing.

It’s unclear from the logline how much the character’s sniper past plays into the storyline, but with American Sniper ruling the box office, the subject matter is certainly topical. 

NBC also just picked up a thriller called Blindspot from writer Martin Gero (Stargate: Atlantis) and producer Greg Berlanti (The Flash). The logline: “A beautiful  woman, with no memories of her past, is found naked in Times Square with her body fully covered in intricate tattoos. Her discovery sets off a vast and complex mystery that immediately ignites the attention of the FBI who begin to follow the road map on her body to reveal a larger conspiracy of crime while bringing her closer to discovering the truth about her identity.”

The order follows another NBC pilot pickup from last night with a “game”-y title: Game of Silence from David Hudgins (Parenthood), about a “rising attorney on the brink of success who could lose his perfectly crafted life when his long lost childhood friends threaten to expose a dark secret from their violent past.”

Earlier today, Fox picked up Studio City from writer Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy), “the story of a young singer’s path to stardom, as she comes of age living with her songwriter father — who turns out to be a drug dealer to the stars. Inspired by Krista Vernoff’s real-life experience.”

Fox also ordered an untitled comedy pilot from Danny Chun (The Office) that would bring John Stamos back to prime-time: “A longtime bachelor’s (Stamos) life is upended when he discovers he’s a father — and a grandfather.”

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